Submission Guidelines

We are currently closed to general submissions and only accepting manuscripts by invite or referral at present time.

Beating Windward Press produces 5 to 10 titles each year and our books reflect the individual tastes of our small staff. When all is said and done, Beating Windward looks for writing with a distinct voice and perspective that will entertain our readers.



General Information

We only consider completed works. Please no works-in-progress.

No hardcopy submissions – email only.

Send email query that states the book title, the word count, if it’s a unified work or a collection, if it’s fiction or nonfiction, and please tell us your intended audience. You can also include a short summary of the plot (1 page) and any details about yourself that you feel are relevant.

While we do focus on emerging authors, most of our authors have published in nationally distributed commercial magazines, literary journals and/or established on-line journals: including a list of prior publications in your query can strengthen your submission.

Attach the first 20-25 pages, or the first 3 stories of your collection, to your query as a PDF, MS Word 2003/2007, InDesign, or RTF file.

Send query to: Submit (at) BeatingWindward (dot) com

You will receive an acknowledgement that your submission has been logged in. Response time for ms. review is typically 3-4 months. (If you haven’t heard from us beyond that point, you may email us to check on the status of your submission.)

Manuscript Requirements

Preferred ms. length:  50,000 – 150,000 words.

File format: PDF, MS Word 2003/2007, InDesign, RTF.

Font: Use a standard font such as Times New Roman, Ariel, or Helvetica, at 12 pt.

Title page: Include title of the work, approximate word count, your name, street address, phone number, e-mail address, and website URL (if available).

Header: Include author identification and book title in a running header on every page; number pages consecutively.

Line spacing: double-space or 1.5-space

Thoroughly edit and proofread your manuscript before submitting. We are not an editing service. If you think it’s easy to take care of later, why not just go ahead and take care of it first.

Contract Information

Beating Windward Press is not a vanity press, subsidy press, self-publisher, printing company, literary agency, editing service, or publicity agency. We are a traditional small-press publisher and offer standard publishing contracts to authors on who we are willing to take a chance.

As an independent publisher, we offer royalty payments on net sales (before costs are deducted). We do not offer an advance at this time. Authors receive a small number of free copies upon publication and copies at-cost if they wish to purchase them for their own use and resale. Each book is published in trade paperback format via print-on-demand. Books are also published in all e-book formats and occasionally as mp3 audiobooks.

We help with promotion, but author promotions such as social media networking, attending/working conferences, and similar events are up to the author.