Our Interests

We are currently closed to general submissions and only accepting manuscripts by invite or referral at present time.

Beating Windward Press produces 5 to 10 titles each year and our books reflect the individual tastes of our small staff. While our name is related to sailing, and we love a good sea tale, we are not a maritime press. When all is said and done, Beating Windward looks for writing with a distinct voice and perspective that will entertain our readers.


Popular, but Literary—What We Want

For fiction, we are interested in mainstream fiction with a literary edge, which means a captivating story presented with well-crafted writing and complex characters. But it’s not just about pretty sentences and interesting characters—you’ve got to have an engaging plot. Because, while we think Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer was an important work, we wouldn’t have published it. We look for plots that captivate and surprise us, that are inevitable rather than predictable, and that sail the fine tack between mind-numbingly realistic and unbelievably absurd. Story comes first, character a close second.

But there’s another tack we like to sail, too. We’re also interested in works that would be considered too genre for mainstream publishers and, at the same time, too mainstream for genre publishers. (The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger is a perfect example.) So if you are on this particular tack, submit to us, but that literary edge must still be there.

We do not publish traditional horror, science fiction, mysteries, romances, erotica, Westerns, or thrillers (sorry Dad).

For non-fiction, we are interested in daring writing that exhibits intelligence and creativity, socio-political-cultural awareness, and humor. (For Us Surrender is Out of the Question byMac McClelland is a great example.)

Children’s books – We do not accept submissions of children’s books. The few we do publish are usually side projects of our authors and staff that we’ve taken on because the children’s publishing market is even more turbulent than the adult publishing market.

See our Guidelines to learn how we want it.