The Snuff Syndicate

The Snuff Syndicate: A novella by Keith Gouveia

The Snuff Syndicate

A novella by Keith Gouveia

Interwoven with Stories by C.A. Burns, Kevin Cockle, Lorne Dixon, Giovanna Lagana, Mark Onspaugh, Gerald S. Parker, Marsheila Rockwell, & J. T. Seate

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In a world where serial killers are usually isolated and disconnected, The Snuff Syndicate provides an online forum – made for them, by them.

For members, social media is a tool to share pure, murder-filled ecstasy. Killing is a business of painstaking details, and every killer, from novice to expert needs a place to go to see what others are doing, from the ways they select victims to the methods they use to bloody their hands. The Snuff Syndicate is where they can brag, ask for advice and revel in their most gratifying hobby.

The Snuff Syndicate offers readers a unique look into the gritty world of bloodletting. Keith Gouveia’s novella strings together eight disparate stories of serial killers. As his novella unfolds, it reacts to and intersects more and more with stories by C.A. Burns, Kevin Cockle, Lorne Dixon, Giovanna Lagana, Mark Onspaugh, Gerald S. Parker, Marsheila Rockwell, & J. T. Seate. This unique collaborative-anthology reads more like a multi-point-of-view novel rather than an anthology.

Contributing Authors

Carey Burns resides in the Midwest with her husband where she writes dark fiction and horror. Her short stories appear in several anthologies and she is working on many more terrible tales.

Kevin Cockle…Living in Calgary, Canada, Kevin is a former boxing journalist, frequent contributor to On Spec magazine, and occasional screenwriter. With a background in finance, and an education in critical theory, Kevin’s work often explores the odd dialectic between economics and the weird.

Lorne Dixon lives and writes off an exit of I-78 in residential New Jersey. He grew up on a diet of yellow-spined paperbacks, black-and-white monster movies, and the thunder-lizard backbeat of rock-n-roll. His novels Snarl and The Lifeless are available from Coscom Entertainment.

Giovanna Lagana is an award-winning freelance author and editor, who loves to work with authors on their stories as well as to create her own. In both instances, she gets to escape reality and travel into worlds of fiction to meet the most interesting and memorable characters.
Some of her short stories and poems have been featured in magazines like Tales of the Talisman, Short-Story.Me, Static Movement, and Fear and Trembling Magazine.
To learn more about her and her writings, please check out her website at

Mark Onspaugh is a California native who was raised on a steady diet of horror, science fiction and DC Comics. He wrote Kill Katie Malone and co-wrote the cult hit Flight of the Living Dead. He is an active member of The Horror Writers Association (HWA) and the International Thriller Writers (ITW). He has sold stories to numerous anthologies, includingFallen from Northern Frights, Parsec’s Triangulation: End of the Rainbow and Triangulation: Dark Glass, Hadley-Rille’s Footprints, Eposic’s The Book of Exodi, Northern Frights’ OZ: Shadows of the Emerald City and The World is Dead from Permuted Press. His essay “Evilution: A Short History of Monsters from Black & White to Blood Red” will appear in Dark Scribe Press’ Butcher Knives and Body Counts: Essays on the Formula, Frights and Fun of the Slasher Film.

Gerald S. Parker was born in New Jersey but moved to Pennsylvania at an early age. Corrupted by Star Trek and Marvel Comics, he began writing. Currently, thanks to the economy, he’s pursuing this career full-time. Parker has published numerous stories and one full-length novel in other genres, under other names. “Hackwork” is his first foray into horror/suspense, but is unlikely to be the last. He lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

In addition to being a member of the SFWA, IAMTW, and SFPA, Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell has authored three novels for Wizards of the Coast, two of which tie into the popular MMORPG, Dungeons & Dragons Online (Skein of Shadows, 2012 and The Shard Axe, 2011), and one of which ties into the fantasy noir Eberron setting (Legacy of Wolves, 2007). She also has a series of Arabian-flavored female-centric sword & sorcery stories out from Musa Publishing, Tales of Sand and Sorcery. On the poetry side, she has had multiple Rhysling nominations and currently serves as an editor for the ezine Mindflights. She lives in Arizona in the shadow of an improbably green mountain with her Naval officer husband, their three sons, the requisite black lab, and far too many books. A (fairly) current list of her publication credits can be found at

No matter how Mr. Seate starts a story, it inevitably turns to the macabre. It may be told with hard core realism or erotic humor, but it gets his pulse racing enough to pull his corpse from the grave to write something new. He is especially keen on stories that transcend genre pigeonholing. His stories and memoirs appear in numerous magazines, newspapers, anthologies and webzines. You will find many of his works J. T. currently reposes in Golden, CO.