The Screaming Field

The Screaming Field by Keith Gouveia

The Screaming Field

by Keith Gouveia


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Beware who walks between the rows . . .

For over 3,000 years Scarecrows have been a symbol of fall. They’ve stood steadfast in vast fields and personal gardens, guarding against all sorts of trespassers. In The Screaming Field, young Tommy Wilson is about to turn the whimsical icon upside down and make it a source of nightmares. A beloved resident of Middletown, Rhode Island, Jesse Wilson has died, leaving his farm to his only living relative: his grandson, Tommy Wilson. Just seventeen years old, Tommy is ill-prepared for the past due slips and foreclosure notices on the farm. Headstrong and stubborn, Tommy is not only determined to save the farm but also to steal his true love away from her current boyfriend.

Soon, Tommy sets himself on a dangerous path, one in which darkness walks between the rows.