The Scottish Bitch

The Scottish Bitch by Jameson Tabard

The Scottish Bitch

by Jameson Tabard


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In this modern update of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Scottish drag queen, Latrine Dion does whatever it takes to win the title of Grand Dame.

Latrine needs the title of Grand Dame to establish herself in the U.S. Drag World. Her husband Peyton wants the $100,000 prize money to jump-start their American Dream.

The intimidating lineup of competitors includes Cunny Corleone, Chutney Spears, Ina Godda the Diva, Blanche BuDois, and Salma Nella—all loaded with enough talent and experience to rob Latrine of her title. When racial and cultural prejudices collide with gay politics, her ranking is reduced to runner up and she is put on the alternate list for the Duchess Regionals. No Duchess title. No $25,000 prize money. No moving on to Grand Dame Nationals. No chance at the $100,000 prize. No buying a house. No Gay American Dream.

Urged on by Peyton, Latrine orchestrates little accidents to incapacitate the competition. But her efforts to injure the local talent have deadly consequences. Soon homicide detectives are mixing with the Twinks and Bears to watch Latrine’s performance, and Peyton can’t get that damn glitter off his hands.

With some of the gayest prose ever, Jameson Tabard highlights an infatuation with image and power so unhealthy it makes Diet Coke look like an organic smoothie.
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