A Sky the Color of Chaos: Based on the True Story of My Haitian Childhood

A Sky the Color of Chaos: Based on the True Story of my Haitian Childhood by M.J. Fievre

A Sky the Color of Chaos:
Based on the True Story of
My Haitian Childhood

by M.J. Fievre


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A Sky the Color of Chaos chronicles M.J.’s perilous childhood during the turbulent rise and fall of Haiti’s President-Priest — a time of nightly shootings, home invasions, robberies, and the burning of former regime members in neighborhood streets. Haiti’s rich culture and breathtaking beauty are contrasted not only with the terror in Port-au-Prince’s streets, but also with the turmoil inside M.J.’s own home. Her father’s hot-blooded nature and unpredictable moods amplify her fevered need to escape a homeland where random violence and bloodshed are commonplace.

“M. J. Fievre has written a heartfelt and deeply honest coming of age memoir that examines her family as well as her country. We see a girl lose her innocence and her country even as she triumphs through the magic and power of words. A Sky the Color of Chaos is a brave and beautiful book from a prodigious talent. It is also a welcomed revelation of a very talented writer’s beginnings.”
— Edwidge Danticat,
author of Brother, I’m Dying and Breath, Eyes, Memory

“I’ll tell you what’s so good about A Sky the Color of Chaos, what distinguishes it from the long catalogue of navel-gazing memoirs lining our bookstore shelves. It is an unsparing, honest, and unsentimental evocation of a young woman’s struggle for independence amidst the chaos and violence of a nation coming apart at its seams. M. J. Fievre takes us behind her family’s closed doors and beyond the security fences and the armed guards, the protests, the murders, and the nightly eruption of gunfire. This is a harrowing personal memoir, friends, and it’s an eye on a disturbing chapter in Caribbean history. And it is, ultimately, a triumph.”
— John Dufresne,
author of No Regrets, Coyote

“M.J. Fievre’s powerful memoir A Sky The Color of Chaos is a vivid, lyric account of the perils of growing up in Haiti. It brings the headlines to the heart and leaves an indelible mark on the mind.”
— Dan Wakefield,
author of New York in the Fifties

“M.J. Fievre’s fearless and beautifully crafted memoir opens and closes ‘beneath the sun’s hot glare’ in a city from which the author cannot seem to escape. This is a haunting and violent story that runs counter to the more prevailing narrative of strong people elevating themselves above their humble origins. Fievre’s brutal and poignantly rendered Port-au-Prince origins had to be left behind, not risen above.”
— Johnny Temple,
Editor of USA Noir: Best of the Akashic Noir Series