No Surrender

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No Surrender

by Dale Lucas


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NO SURRENDER is a novella inspired by HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

In the wake of the American Civil War, Union Army Lieutenant Nathan Kenning commands a detachment of peacekeeping troops in Tampa, Florida. Their mandate: to police the area, assist the harried Freedmen’s Bureau and defend the thousands of emancipated slaves in the region from Confederate reprisal.

Then, one fateful evening, a ragged madman stumbles into town ranting about mass murder and black magic in an adjacent county. War-weary but determined, Lieutenant Kenning leads a small detachment into the swampy countryside to investigate the madman’s reports of disgruntled Confederate soldiers running a brutal campaign of terror and murder… and, just possibly, awakening an ancient evil beyond mankind’s influence or understanding…

“Before he died, HP Lovecraft gave everyone license to write in his ever-expanding universe and I’m certain he would have loved to read this tale penned by rising star, Dale Lucas. With his mastery of the written word, insight into a bygone era, and subtle imagery, Dale has captured HP Lovecraft’s vision of Nyarlathotep perfectly and you are in good hands when you crack the spine.”

— Keith Gouveia, author of Animal Behavoir and The Black Cat and the Ghoul