Books for Books’ Sake.

Beating Windward Press, established in 2011 by Matt Peters, is an independent publisher of novels, short story collections, and non-fiction by emerging authors. We produce 4 to 6 titles a year and our books reflect the individual tastes of our staff – mostly mainstream fiction with a literary edge. Beating Windward offers books with distinct voices and perspectives that we hope brings pleasure, knowledge, and entertainment to our readers.

We call Orlando, Florida home, but our hearts are wherever the written word reigns.

Matt Peters – Publisher
Kristi Peters – Art Director
Tom Lucas – Editor
Katherine J. Parker – Public Relations & Marketing Manager
Arliana Oraa – Cover Designer
Jayde Reid – Layout Production and E-Book Production
Lisa M. Smith, Esq., MA – Editor, Legal

Victor Bokas
Victor Davila
Thuan Nguyen

Alex Celine
Amanda Cuevas Arrubarena
Kyle Parker
Montana Murphy
Tori Leeworthy

Isabel Acevedo
Josh Carlton
Gabrielle Goodloe
Aleksandra Krawczyk
Joshua Long
Lou Mindar
Shelby Nathanson
Karen “Shelly” Robinson

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What’s in our name?

Being an indie publishing company among a sea of large corporations is a bit like a small sailboat trying to sail against the wind. See, sailboats can’t sail into the wind — sailors have to sail off to one side of the wind at about 45 degrees. At that angle, they have to tack back and forth to make any headway, literally zigzagging to their destination.

Sailing against the wind is not for the faint-hearted. The sails are sheeted in close and tight, the ship heels over at a terrifying angle, the rigging hums with tension, the bow pounds through the waves—the whole boat feels like it’s moments from ripping apart.

The constant onslaught of wind and waves is why sailing against the wind is also called “beating to windward.” It’s a thrill. It’s awesome and dramatic. It’s absolutely terrifying and totally exhausting. And it struck us as a great metaphor for a small press, and emerging authors, on the current publishing sea.

The large publishing houses dominate the mainstream market and hesitate to take chances on unproven writers; Print-on-Demand publishing and E-books flood the indie market, and the currents of change make charting a safe course hazardous for writers, publishers, and readers. And so, while the wind and the waves might look daunting, we’ve sheeted in the sails, lashed all loose items, and we’re beating windward.