More Than You Think You Know: Blue Skies vs. Droplets

We’re closing in on drawing time and we are getting such great feedback from everyone that we decided to give you a 2-for-1 deal to end the cover concept reveals.

No matter what storms the women in Cyndi’s More Than You Think You Know may face, they know that as long as they stick together Blue Skies are always on the horizon.




Rock is hard but water is patient: one drop at a time, barriers break down for Hailey, Robin and Trish.  Droplets pays homage to the process.


More Than You Think You Know cover concept Droplets


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 More Than You Think You Know cover concept Droplets more than you think you know cover concept 2 more than you think you know cover concept 1 More Than You Think You Know Cover Concept 5

.   More Than You Think You Know Cover Concept 3   .

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More Than You Think You Know by Cyndi Perkins

With her children grown and gone, Hailey can no longer stomach living with her abusive husband. In the middle of a boating trip, she steals a sailboat and ventures solo across Lake Michigan. In a Chicago harbor, she meets Robin, the chain-smoking divorcee, Captain of the 44-foot luxury trawler Blackout. When the Coast Guard broadcasts a radio alert for the stolen sailboat, Robin insists Hailey seek asylum and travel downriver with her. In Joliet, they take on Trish, a Las Vegas gold-digger who deserts her Sugar Daddy’s yacht to join the crew and get out of Illinois.

Hailey, Robin, and Trish navigate the 1,300-mile-long series of rivers and locks through the Heartland Rivers from Chicago to the Gulf of Mexico, keeping weary eyes out for barges and Hailey’s husband. With no sense of destination beyond Mobile Bay, they are on not one journey, but two: America’s Great Loop and the search for their own place to be safe, to be happy, to be themselves.

Cyndi Perkins

Award-winning journalist and long-time magazine writer Cyndi Perkins writes and edits print and digital media for Michigan Technological University. The former Houghton, Michigan Daily Mining Gazette reporter and editor wrote the popular “Line of Sight” column for nine years.

Cyndi has sailed Lake Superior, the Heartland Rivers, and the Eastern Seaboard since 1995. She and her husband survived two 6,000-mile circumnavigations of America’s Great Loop aboard their 32-foot DownEast sailing vessel Chip Ahoy. (And yes, she gave her boat a cameo in her own novel. Sailors are like that…) 

Keep up with her writing and adventures at 

and on Instagram and Twitter: @cyndiperkins

More Than you Think You Know will be available for purchase from Amazon and SmashWords in the spring of 2017, and is currently open for Advanced Reader Review requests.  For more information on how to secure a copy for review, contact Matt Peters.