Let the Dead Bury the Dead Cover Reveal!

It’s finally time!

At the beginning of the week we promised you one thing—that on the last day of the Let the Dead Bury the Dead 5 Day Giveaway we would reveal the final over for Joan King‘s upcoming title—and here it is!  As it often does, it took us a couple of months to settle on the official book jacket for Let the Dead Bury the Dead, but we couldn’t be happier with the work our cover designer, Arliana Oraa, gave us.  Everything from the image of the little girl to the final colors are perfect for the story 7 year-old Gracie Timmons and the return of her father, a WWII POW that their small town’s adults claim has been broken by the war.

Don’t forget!

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In rural Oklahoma, near the end of World War II, seven-year-old Gracie Timmons watches her grandfather die of a heart attack after confronting a gang of moonshiners on their farm. Gracie has memories of her deceased mother, but only a photograph of a uniformed soldier for a father. With no more family willing to care for her, she is taken in by the dauntless spinster who owns the general store. Plagued by fear, guilt, shame and nightmares, Gracie often retreats to the depths of her closet to pray for her father’s quick return.

When Sargent Aaron Timmons does return he is not the medal-adorned hero of Gracie’s dreams. A prisoner for most for the war, Aaron is jumpy and easily angered. In the upper drawer of his dresser, he keeps a stolen Bible and a row of small boxes he claims are coffins filled with dead soldiers. The town’s people whisper he is a broken man because he has “fits,” and “spells” and wets himself.

Gracie and Aaron have nothing in common except nightmares of the dead, poetry—the good kind that rhymes—and Miss Redding, Gracie’s teacher. As Aaron feuds with the gang of moonshiners who’ve set up on the family farm, Gracie learns to trust her troubled father’s attempt at love and care.

Joan King was raised on the family farm southwest of Guthrie, Oklahoma. Her parents, grandparents and two generations of aunts and uncles fed her stories—tales of love, hardships, history and a few secrets. During the summers, she worked with her parents in the fields, spending long days on a tractor driving round and round. To keep herself entertained, she told herself stories. 

She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degree in music education from the University of Central Oklahoma and taught band in the Oklahoma public schools for fourteen years. In 1990, she moved to Florida with her husband. 

She travels back to the farm several times a year and enjoys climbing on the tractor to brush-hog along the creek, all the while telling herself stories. 

Let the Dead Bury the Dead will be available for purchase from Amazon and SmashWords in the spring of 2017, and is currently open for Advanced Reader Review requests.  For more information on how to secure a copy for review, contact Matt Peters.